Selasa, 31 Mei 2011

Release Sound Of Silence in misspelled records

Sound Of Silence began in 2010, and is a solo project from Asyraful Umam made ​​on moods, and creating tunes that tell stories.

In the process of creating a song, Sound of Silence lot of inspiration from what is perceived, experiences and expectations.

"The song" Only Dream "tells a dream that I experienced. In a dream that seemed so real, I could have something that I expected. Although I realize, that dream seemed impossible to come true. "Umam Asyraful said about the song "only dream".

While "Ideals of the Past" is a song about a lost someone very precious. "The feeling of loss that has inspired me to create songs. The goal is to remember and not have to live in it ".

All the songs in this album wrapped with the nuances of post-rock and ambient, and much influenced by Explosions In The Sky.

Happy listening .. (rid / IMR)
released 30 May 2011

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